About Lickdrum

Every drummer has a toolkit of memorized beats or licks so that they can offer what the music desires at any point. If they’re playing a Latin chart, maybe they’ll try playing a Bossa Nova beat. If a build is coming up in a song, they might whip out their signature 4 bar tom lick. Maybe they’re playing a jazz chart and they comp using an idea from some Max Roach recording they heard yesterday.

Unfortunately for most beginner drummers, there can be so many licks and beats, or “tools” to add to their tool kit that they can’t focus on what to learn. Eventually drummers hit plateaus in their learning and creativity because they can get along only knowing a couple of rock beats and a one bar drum fill.

The goal of Lickdrum is to expand any beginner to advanced drummer’s toolkit. By dividing vast styles of drumming into bite sized learning material in the form of beats and licks, learning the drums can be easily digestible. If you can play every beat and lick in the Lickdrum library at full tempo, you’re sure to be a beast on the drums.

Lickrum can also serve as a reference for gigging drummers. Say your bandmate asks you to play a swing beat. Just pull up the Jazz Swing Beat and read it straight from your phone or computer or print out the pdf.